Application Form (MA23J)


    This application form is for the students of "Management Accounting" whose course has been rescheduled for January 2024.

    Please complete the form by 30 November 2023.


  • You can see your Student ID in your Profile.

  • OPTION 1

    Choose this option if you agree to enrol in our new 6-month "Management Accounting" course that starts on 20 January 2024 and wish to study another introductory or advanced certificate at LSFL as well. Registration for an optional course is free.
    You can learn more about the courses in LSFL Course Finder.

  • OPTION 2

    Choose this option if you would like to study towards one of our 12-month advanced or professional diplomas where "Management Accounting" is either part of the programme or is offered as an optional course to complete the qualification. Registration for a 12-month diploma is free.
    You can learn more about the professional qualifications here.
    You can learn more about the advanced diplomas here.

  • OPTION 3

    If none of the above options meets your needs, you may request a full refund for your rescheduled "Management Accounting" course if you do not want to complete it in its new redesigned form.


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