Continuing professional development (CPD)

As a rule, qualified accountants and tax advisers are required to study continuing education courses that can count towards their continuing professional development (CPD) to renew their license. In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business environment, finance practitioners must develop and maintain unrivalled specialist knowledge and technical skills to meet the needs of their employer and clients in full.

CPD is the systematic updating and enhancement of skills, knowledge and competence that takes place throughout professionals’ working life, and it should be closely linked to their current work. CPD can be taken from various sources, including attending conferences, participating in meetings or seminars, completing short courses or a longer academic course, conducting research or engaging in informal reading.

London School of Finance and Law offers a wide range of courses in business management, finance, tax law, financial journalism, professional English and teaching methodology that can be studied by those professionals who want to gain general knowledge, learn a new skill, upgrade existing skills or develop personal interests in subjects related to business management, finance, tax law, financial journalism or teaching methodology for educators working in professional education settings.

There are currently over 60 courses on offer. A full range of courses offered by London School of Finance and Law can be viewed via our Course Finder.

All our courses are recognised as verified CPD that can be supported by evidence, such as course notes, produced course work, tutor-marked end-of-course assessment and a certificate of completion. Each course content ensures that students engage in meaningful, tutor-curated experiential/workplace learning, professional skills development, reading and research.

Individual records from the learning journal can also be transferred to a self-evaluation sheet as third party evidence for informal CPD.

Moreover, our students can print out a letter of good standing as proof of their studies with LSFL should their professional bodies require additional evidence.

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