A to Z of LSFL courses

We offer over 60 courses in finance, law, business management and education. Find the right one for you.

ACCA professional exam preparation courses Prof. Exam Preparation
Accounting, Auditing and Taxation (Professional Diploma) Finance
Accounting and Finance (university preparation course) Foundation
Accounting for Payroll Finance
Accounting for Sales Tax (VAT) Finance
Audit and Assurance (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Behavioural Economics and Finance (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Bookkeeping and Payroll (Professional Certificate) Finance
Breakeven Analysis and Limiting Factor Analysis in Business Business Analytics
Budgeting and Control Finance
Business Administration, Finance and Law (Professional Diploma) Management
Business and Financial Journalism (Professional Diploma) Financial Journalism
Business Economics (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Business English Professional English
Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Business Law
Business Management (university preparation course) Foundation
Business Mathematics (Advanced Certificate) Business Analytics
Business Psychology and Organisational Behaviour (Advanced Diploma) Business Psychology
Business Valuation Methods Finance
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program Prof. Exam Preparation
CIMA professional exam preparation courses Prof. Exam Preparation
Company Formation, Management and Administration Business Law
Computing and Data Science for Economics and Finance (Advanced Diploma) IT in Finance
Corporate and Business Law (Advanced Certificate) Business Law
Corporate Finance (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Data Analysis in Management Accounting Business Analytics
Developing Reflective Practice in Educational Settings Education
Economic History (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Economics for Investment Decision-Making (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Educational Leadership and Management (Advanced Diploma) Education
English for Finance Professional English
English for Financial Journalists Professional English
Financial Accounting (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Financial Crime Risk Management, Regulation and Compliance (Advanced Diploma) Finance / Tax Law
Financial Management (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Financial Markets and Institutions Finance
Financial Systems, Controls and Compliance Finance
Forecasting and Decision-Making Techniques Finance
Forensic Accounting (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Foundations of Law for Professional Practice in Finance (Advanced Diploma) Business Law / Tax Law
Human Resource Management in Professional Service Firms Management
IELTS Professional English
Interpretation of Financial Statements Business Analytics
Investment Advice Diploma (IAD) (Financial Planning and Advice) Prof. Exam Preparation
Investment and Wealth Management (Advanced Diploma) Finance
Investment Appraisal Methods Finance
Investment Management Certificate (IMC) Prof. Exam Preparation
IT and Management Information Systems in Business IT in Finance
Law and Legal Studies (university preparation course) Foundation
Law of Contract Business Law
Law of Employment Business Law
Learning and Training for Personal Effectiveness at Work Professional Development
Legal English Professional English
Management Accounting (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Mastering Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace Professional Development
Online Education (Advanced Certificate) Education
Operational and Strategic Management in Professional Service Firms (Advanced Diploma) Management
Performance Management (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Personal Financial Planning (Advanced Certificate) Finance
Professional Ethics in Accounting and Tax Advisory Services Professional Development
Quantitative Finance and Financial Engineering (Advanced Diploma) Finance / IT in Finance
Real Estate Economics, Finance and Investment (Professional Diploma) Finance
Researching a Project in Finance/Law/Management/Education (Advanced Diploma) All Areas
Risk Management Techniques in Accounting Finance
Sources of Finance for Businesses Finance
Sustainable Finance: Major Issues in ESG and SR Investing Finance
Taxation: Taxation (UK) (Advanced Certificate) Tax Law
Taxation: International Taxation (Advanced Certificate) Tax Law
Taxation: Corporation Tax Tax Law
Taxation: Income Tax, National Insurance and Pensions Tax Law
Taxation: Inheritance Tax Tax Law
Taxation: Inheritance Tax, Trusts and Estates (Advanced Certificate) Tax Law
Taxation: Property and Investment Income Tax Law
Taxation: Value Added Tax (VAT) Tax Law
Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP) (Professional Certificate) Education
Using Accounting Software (SAGE Business Cloud) Finance

*Please note that all law and financial planning courses at LSFL, except for International Taxation, relate to the UK legal framework.