Corporate training solutions

London School of Finance and Law offers a wide range of courses in business management, finance, tax law, financial journalism, professional English and teaching methodology that can be sponsored by employers.

There are currently over 60 courses on offer. A full range of courses offered by London School of Finance and Law can be viewed via our Course Finder.

Corporate Training Scheme

Under our Corporate Training Scheme, you may be eligible for a 10 per cent discount for your tuition fee if a colleague from your organisation is already studying with us at the moment.

If you are an employer seeking to provide your employees with training and development programmes in finance and tax law, you may be eligible for a 30 per cent discount for your employees’ overall tuition costs if you send more than 5 staff members to study with us. Each of your employees will be able to study courses of their choice that are most relevant to their areas of specialisation.

Please contact us to apply for the scheme.

Group training solutions

You can also register for our courses as a group of professionals if you are not from the same company but are planning to study one subject as a group in the same term and your group consists of more than 5 people. In this case, all group mates are also eligible to a 30 percent discount for tuition costs.

Please contact us to arrange group training.

Custom corporate training solutions

At London School of Finance and Law, we are committed to providing excellent workplace training that suits the special needs of a business organisation.

Being experienced sector practitioners, our staff can devise bespoke course programmes in areas that might interest your business organisation most.

Please contact our Corporate Training Support Team to  discuss your staff’s professional development goals and we will work out custom corporate training solutions to match them.