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15 timeless investing principles, visualized:

1: If you want to build wealth, you have to invest

#HaveYouHeard of the #GlobalFindex report? Based on nationally representative surveys of over 125,000 adults in 120+ economies, its database reveals a number of opportunities to expand access for the unbanked. This blog showcases the top 5 findings:

The grant application deadline for Term 1 (September start) is fast approaching.
Apply by 30 June here:
*** Grants are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
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A lot of people hammering me for having a PhD in economics and knowing nothing about how the economy works: I plead guilty. I got a PhD in economics largely because I loved Freakonomics & wanted to study the data of sports & random things about people.

Registration for Term 3 closes on 15 May.
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Study Quantitative Finance and Financial Engineering at London School of Finance and Law!
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As conference season arrives remember knowledge without action is useless. So make sure you book time to implement all the knowledge you gain.

Sustainable Finance: Major Issues in ESG and SR Investing
Learn about green finance as an emerging asset class.
Next term start date: 20 May
More about the course:
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