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Using Accounting Software (SAGE Business Cloud)

What you will study Benefits of computerised bookkeeping systems  Signing up to Sage Accounting Setting up your company in Sage Accounting Menus and functions in Sage Accounting Setting up your suppliers’ details, entering supplier opening balances and producing supplier data…

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Bookkeeping and Payroll

What you will study An introduction to double entry bookkeeping Accounting for sales and purchases (non-VAT and VAT) Accounting for payroll Accounting for non-current assets Accounting for inventory Accruals and prepayments Receivables and payables Control accounts reconciliations Bank reconciliations Irrecoverable…

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Accounting for Payroll

What you will study Overview of the payroll function (gross pay, net pay) Elements of gross pay PAYE, National Insurance and other deductions Ledger accounts and accounting entries for wages and salaries Key features of the course Flexibility to suit…

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